Premier Creative – Digital Print Medium

New post!

Full Digital Print on Canvas

Full Digital Print on Canvas

18 hrs in the making.

Close up

Close up

Big ups to Sean Plemons, or sean p. ,artdirector at premier creative.    😀   He helped with art direction,resources and intrest.

full view

full view

With all that in mind, check out  these images of the project.  Yesterday we got them submitted for printing with a special canvas digital printing.   The fellas over at Creative Signs even let us snap some images of Sabasitan him self.   Sabastian is his name and he is a red angus bull on vero beach!

Sabastian and Neil

Sabastian and Neil

Tomorrow I will be painting on  top of this image with a clear texture. Im going to use a small spare sheet to do some test, but after that I might use a light yellow and a dark navy to accent with the “Glicee”.   Comments or questions appreciated!



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