Reasearch for my new track.

As some of you know, I have been working on a new skrew track that will embody a catch phrase that I have so eloquently come up with during my visit with friends and 10, 000 cans of Natural Light.

The Title of the Track will be named: Diamonds Grandma..

As for research on this subject I can across a highly viral video that is serving as wonderful inspiration.

This video and a hand full of Mike Jones bootleg recordings are nothing short of gasoline on the imagination of a music genius such as myself.. Enjoy the video and know that once I get a new xlr cable (the last one my dog dutchess to neatly severed in two) I will be hooking up my Carvin Mic and executing this.


One Response to “Reasearch for my new track.”

  1. Dude, you worry and scare me at the same time sometimes… really!

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