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Printed on glass, looking so sweet.


Brahbra, see takes to ladies

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Quick pen and acrylic piece after dinner.

Art Show in April!

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Thanks to Katya Neptune and Alexis Colbert for this awesome opportunity.
ArtHeart unites friends and artists in order to share our artistic work with the community. Not just to show people our work and not just to promote each other (although that is part of it!) but, with the goal of raising money through our work to benefit charitable organizations of all kinds. Art with a mission, art with a heart. 

What would we collectively be doing?
We want to build a tight community of artists and friends to assist each other with achieving our dreams and contribute to the world by raising money for causes we care about.

So, how will we do that?
In three ways:
1) By organizing art shows and events in which a portion of the proceeds will benefit our sponsored charities (like our Artists 4 Africa event).
2) Networking artists and patrons so that we can all be aware of up coming shows in our community.
3) Promoting our work by arranging the sale of ArtHeart art through various vendors.

March Madness

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I’ve been trying to find time to work.  Having a child is one thing, but maintaining a job, marriage and passion is another job in itself.  Her are some works that I have manage to squeak out with my busy schedule.



Hell Duke

Arm A Dilla

Stand Out Stickers

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Well, I got my stickers back and I’m very pleased!

Heres the original file:

Here are the photos of what I got back 😀

These guys do a stand up job!  Take the time and check out their site Stand Out Stickers.

The Esoteric Construction of a Photograph

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The Esoteric Construction of a Photograph

This took quite some time.  This was built from several photos that I imported into photoshop and built this character.  Quite  evil, but fun nonetheless.

New Work

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Hey there, big updates with here!

This last year was amazing.  As some of you know,  I’m a full time graphic designer here in Gainesville Florida at Premier Creative.  I do quite a bit of work there on a daily basis, but I also have done quite a bit of freelance work this year, totally by sheer luck 😀  Thanks to Martyr Defiled who picked up this little gem.

Martyr Defiled

Here’s another that sold in 09:

The RazorBlade Dolls